Claybody Club hosts annual ceramics exhibition

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This story was originally written for The Northern Light.


UAA’s Student Union gallery opened its doors Thursday, Jan. 22 for “Claybody.” The Claybody Club at UAA consists of UAA students that are enrolled in ceramics classes. The exhibit runs through Feb. 12.

Steven Godfrey the Associate Professor of Ceramics and Chair of the Department of Art feels inspired by the new exhibit.

“Claybody arranges and supports ceramic workshops available to UAA and the Anchorage community. I consider this educational outreach. So many students are making great work here in Alaska,” Godfrey said.

The Claybody club raises money through pottery sales to bring in professors to present workshops. The club also sends students to ceramics conferences.

Dana Dodson, ceramics major, has been very involved in Claybody. Her hopes are to expose more individuals to ceramics as an art form, whether functional or sculptural.“The Claybody exhibition is a great opportunity to see the wide range of creative

“The Claybody exhibition is a great opportunity to see the wide range of creative possibilities with clay. The current show includes everything from functional pots with varied firing techniques to large-scale figurative sculptures,” Dodson said.

Dodson has a figurative piece with a butterfly in Claybody, titled “Stimming.”

Drea Moore, a ceramics major with a second in painting, helped make this show at the Student Union gallery.

“The Claybody Invitational is unique in that it is the only all ceramics show at the student union gallery, and the work in the exhibit is chosen specifically for the exhibit,” Moore said.

The club presents workshops to grade schools as well as donating pieces to raise money for various causes.

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