Music video: In Ivan Night’s ‘Can’t Lie,’ a mysterious figure out on the town

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Arts and culture

This story was originally written for Alaska Dispatch News.


Ivan Night’s music video “Can’t Lie” features a mannequin meandering around Anchorage, taking shots of liquor and burning wooden pallets.


Night, who plays in Pamyua and Superfrequency in addition to his solo project, said he shot the video alongside photographer and filmmaker Kerry Tasker for Open Projector Night at Bear’s Tooth, a showcase for local filmmakers to show their work. They made the video over the course of one weekend.


“We basically brought the mannequin everywhere. The most fun we had was over at Darwin’s Theory. They were super supportive. There’s a scene where we’re feeding the mannequin a shot, and that was actually [Jägermeister] that the bartender was just giving us. “Have some Jäger!” you know.”


The end scene of the video shows the mannequin standing nude looking onto flames of burning pallets. Night said that balancing the mannequin was one of the hardest tasks of the video: “I’m actually hiding in this ice crevasse and holding it up.”


To listen to more Night’s music, check out

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